Neko's Psychologistic Tips: Viraldarknesses Weaboo Complex

Ohayou, guys! It's me, Neko Ph.D, the Ebaumsworld therapist. Today we are discussing a very difficult case. Weabooism. For those who don't know what a weaboo is, they are anime geeks who are obsessed with Japanese culture and cartoons. They often try to learn Japanese and usually fail, because (believe it or not) it takes around 10 years for a Japanese person to master the writing. Other significant thing about weaboos is they act like they actually are Japanese. They dream of coming to Japan one day and once they do, they are surprised that it's so different from comic books and that Japanese people rarely have green or blue hair.

You still don't know what a weaboo is? Okay, imagine a DnD geek who thinks he's a dragon.

Recently Viraldarkness tried to troll me with his old Rin account after I called him a pale faggot. I didn't know it was the same person until he posted a comment from his Rin account as a reply to what I've said to Viraldarkness. Very common and stupid mistake people often do when using alts.

So, Viraldarkness is Rin, an ignorant loser who used to get constantly owned by the regulars in the feature chat. No wonder he made a new account. But I'm such a nice person and decided to help him and give his weabooism a shot with my brilliant therapy.

This should be easy, because the simplest way to fight a weaboo is to prove his ignorance. And that I've already done. So, you're on a good way of being cured, Viraldarkness. Just in case you've forgotten all the times I proved you're an idiot, here's a little reminder:

- it's spelled "ohayou," not "ohayo" unless you mean the city.

- "arigatou gozaimashita" is not the past tense of "arigato gozaimasu" *the audience craps their pants laughing*

- you've called "kirei na kyonyuu oneesan" a failed google translation, when in fact it's currently the hottest farewell remark used.

- you called yourself a weaboo, when it's an offensive term used by normal people (what kind of a homo would address themselves as a faggot? Think about it.)

Feel dumb already? Kame ga daisuki, bitch! LOLOLOL

But owning your sorry ass might not be enough. That's just the start. You need to concentrate on a new hobby. You've said you're partially Native American, so maybe you should work on exploring your Indian heritage. Watch some Bollywood movies or Harold and Kumar.

You don't need to thank me, I'm doing this out of charity.

Until next time

May the Freud be with you, guys!

Uploaded 06/25/2011
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