Neko's Reviews of Deeply Psychologistic Movies: Assault Girls

There isn't many movies about online game addiction. Especially not ones about female gamers and their affairs that come from gaming online. Assault Girls is a touching drama about people who we'd probably call gamer geeks. They spend a lot of time playing MMORPGs - but did you ever think what drives them? Why they play? Whether or not they have families to support?

That's right, this movie tells us the story of four online gamers who, due to a series of events,  have to team up to work together on a task.

The four characters are

Lucifer - a slightly autistic goth girl who plays for fun but for the most time acts chaotic.

Jaeger - a guy who spent all his EXP on upgrading weapons. Typical tank and loner.

Gray - a mother of two, who has to support her family by playing the game. Her husband is an unemployed drunk. She's a typical camper who uses sniping and gadgets.

Colonel - a typical geek who lives in her parent's basement. She portrays the most stereotypical online gamer.

The inner emotions of each person are portrayed in a very subtle way. The movie's very artistic. For example, there's a scene where the players encounter a slug. The geek is fascinated by it, but the other players don't react in the same way (I don't want to spoil the fun, so you should watch it yourself; the scene should be projected by professors of psychologistic studies in universities around the world).

The game itself is some kind of a Dune-like clone. The graphics will leave you breathless for a few moments. It's probably how the games are gonna look like some day.

As I mentioned, it shows the dramas and emotions of online gamers. Deceit, struggle for supporting ones family, taking gaming to a level where it's hard to tell which is the outside and which the inside world.

I don't know when was the last time I watched such an impacting, disturbing and stirring movie. There's numerous  implied meanings and themes only professional psychologists like me will understand. Not that I'm bragging, but I finished 2 semesters of psychology.

I highly recommend you watch the movie. But be careful - you might not be the same after watching it. In a good sense, fortunately.

Uploaded 07/11/2011
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