Neko's Reviews of Deeply Psychologistic Movies: Tale Of 2 Sister

As a fan of films that are not only original and have a lot of creative twists, but also introduce the viewer to the plot in a way that watching the movie again brings a whole new quality and perspective, I'm happy to have watched the deeply disturbing Korean movie "The Tale Of Two Sisters."

This horror movie from 2006 was directed by some Korean and tells a story of two sisters tormented by a family tragedy. From the beginning you get scraps, or better yet, pieces of a puzzle you put together into the story frame, so you can discover the terrible story step by step, then the pieces fall apart and you gather them anew. Why? Because there's a lot of things that don't fit. Suddenly, some events turn out different than they seemed. But let's focus on the beginning of the story for now.

The film starts with one of the sisters leaving a mental institution. She returns home to her father, who's an introvert zombie, and her step mother, who's a deranged sadist. The girls only friend is her younger sister, who means the world to her, and she does everything to protect her from the stepmother. Along the storyline, the younger sister gets tormented by the woman in different ways, and the older sister tries to stop this. At one moment the girl cries out to her father that he doesn't react at how his new wife bullies her sister. And then the father's jaw drops. He says she needs to get a hold of herself and realise her younger sister died.

That's right, the chick returned from a mental facility for a reason. But she's not the only one with mental problems. Her step mother is a sociopath. At some point you don't know what's illusion and what happens at the house. The ending is tremendous. That's one of the best films I've ever watched. I recommend it to everybody who likes good psychologistic thriller movies.

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