Neko's Secret.

(Ok, Neko... this is the only blog I will ever write just for you.....get the alts ready.)

I'm beginning to think that Neko want's to be a welder.   Even after I've been laid off from my seasonal job as a welder/ millwright assistant, she can't stop talking about it. 

First it was my boyfriend.  She was so jealous of me having one that every single comment about me was regarding my boyfriend and some shit she made up about him playing World of Warcraft.  Finally, she came to her senses and realized that she could never get a man like mine (wow nerd or not), and decided to move onto something else that I had, that she doesn't.

A job.  She was soooo jealous of my employment she even made up a story about working at a recording studio so people would pay attention to her.  But, believe it or not, the people here at Ebaums smart enough to know that playing other people's songs on your keyboard at home does not mean you are employed anywhere.  Just like how writing blogs about being a jet pilot, doesn't make you a jet pilot.  It figures... Neko will never be able to stay away from this site long enough to hold down a job.   So here she sits, keeping track of my hours here like an autistic child watching the same episode of The Price is Right day in and day out, feeling original and intelligent every time she can "guess" the closest price without going over.

Now, I know I'm losing the attention of some of you retards, so I'll renew my hypothesis by listing the mountain of comments Neko made in regards to the employment she is so jealous of.

"It's called a 'welding blade.' You're so incompetent. You don't even know the proper names of the tools you used." - March 22

"10:19 am and you're here instead of welding ships together." - March 22

"They teach Tyeada how to read in the
special needs welding school for adults.
But only the important words like
'danger' or 'flammable.' Tip from
somebody educated: you don't have to use
"too" if you already used
"also" in the same sentence.
LOLOLOLOL, welder."    - March 21

"The ships won't weld themself together. LOLOLOL" - March 19

"You're a welder. You just owned yourself. LOLOLOLOL" - March 19

"I know welders don't earn much money, Tyaeda, but you should at least buy some meds for your word diarrhea. LOLOLOLOL"  - March 19

"Go weld those ships together, Tyaeda! People are waiting." - March 19

"Shouldn't you be at your 70h/week work?" - March 19

" My English is much better than yours, proletarian attention whore. It's called 'education.' Now get back to your welding job and stop spamming the blogs section with your pointless comments. It's not a place where... " - March 17

"Wait, a comment from the hard-working
70h/week scheduled Tyaeda at 5:09 pm?
How could that be? You came back from
work and rushed in to the computer to
read what I've said that day, even
before taking a shower or at least
changing your clothes? Then you wrote
down this babble with your dirty, sweaty
fingers just to prove how successful you
are? I suppose you work 12 hours a day
and start at... 5 am? Does this mean you
were so anxious to whore for my
attention again, that you took a cab?" -  March 9

"You know what's the saddest part? You
wrote a blog about how you work as a
mechanic's assistant and weld things
together the whole day, sounding like
it's an achievement." - March 9

"You work as a welder. OWNED." - March 9

" I usually don't talk about welding in the studio." - March 6

"You take two pieces of metal and weld
them together. There's no other way. I
know shit about welding. I never welded
anything. I take my knowledge from the
Discovery Channel, bitch."  - March 6

" I don't give a shit about faggot-ass welders." - March 6

"That's actually the only way to weld
things together. You take two pieces of
metal and merge them together with a
blow torch." - March 6

" There's no welding major, so I guess I'll never learn that prestigiuos job. I guess I'm stuck with working 3 hours a day at the boring music studio. I have the weekends free, "  - March 6

"There we go. Another boring morning for
Tyaeda. She wakes up and the first thing
she does is trolling on ebaumsworld.
People who normally work 70 h/week jobs
would sleep some more or spent some time
outside, but not Tyaeda. She'd rather
make some more comments to entertain us.
lololol"  - March 6

PLUS Two whole blogs-

Ok that's enough... I'm sure there's more, but I feel really dirty when I pay too much attention to people like Neko.   After my shower(s) I'll be back.  Neko if you want, I can teach you some welding basics, and maybe even how to get a man to not think you're an annoying cunt (I don't know which will be harder).  Let me know when you're done giving my blog 1 star with all of your alts, or thinking of a new welding comment to make, and we'll start our first of many lessons. 



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