Neko's Zombie Survival - Basic Tips

Judging by the recent singular zombie sightings it's not long before a zombie epidemic might launch. The zombie cases got taken care of and it seems like the separate assaults were managed nicely. Enough to stop the virus from spreading. But imagine one day a zombie strikes in a ghetto and you're dealing with hundreds of zombies the next day. That's right, you don't know when you have to reach for your weapon. But do you know how?

The first thing you need to think about is your weapon and clothing. According to many retards, a sword is the best weapon against zombies. It's very effective and a katana can cut off a zombie's head or limbs. Horse shit. It's gonna get stuck in the corpse most probably, and you'll be trapped. Way to go, moron. I guess you read too many comic books. The actually most effective weapon against zombies is a metal pipe. A bat will do too, but it's less durable. Hit the zombie's skull with a pipe and the brains fall out. Simple. Guns are unnecessary, unless you want to fight from a long range. Sniper rifles are very nice but you don't need those right nyao. Get a shotgun if anything, but the shot can attract other zombies, so I don't recommend using it. Flame throwers don't kill zombies - they set them on fire. Don't be a dumb ass and use your head. As for the armor - they're trying to bite you, so a stupid ass leather jacket and thick pants will stop them. Use gloves and boots. There. Don't get swarmed. If they attack you in numbers, you're gonna get ripped apart, no matter what you're wearing. When it's one on one with you and a metal pipe against a single zombie, it's always you that has the advantage.

As for the hiding place. Some people build underground vaults with equipment and food rations. Those are cool. But that's for waiting them out and kinda boring. You want to jump into the action. I wouldn't recommend a shopping mall. It's not that it's a shitty fortress against the undead. It's rather decent if you have a whole team and there's a lot of food inside. It's the living you need to fear. They'll want the stuff you have there and they'll have weapons. You won't. The best choice for a fortress is a prison. But how do you get into one? There's probably people there already. Jailers and prisoners. The jail security has a 99.9% chance to overcome the zombies outside. But how do YOU get in? I doubt they'll let you walk right into their place.

This is why you have to be precautious. It's great to know the chief of the prison's security (not the man in charge of the prison, he's gonna get dethroned as the one that doesn't have the weapons). You should choose the alpha male in your local prison's security (usually the head of security or his deputy) - he'll be in charge once you arrive, trust me. Date him. Be sure to friend zone him at some point. Once you arrive at the prison during the zombie epidemic, hit on him and use your charm. Never be stupid enough to apply for leadership. Be sure to support the alpha and manipulate him. He'll do what you want.

The next move is to secure the perimeter. There's gonna be prisoners inside. They are eating your rations, get rid of them. It's a great way to clear out the neighborhood and they'll get a chance at freedom. You have the guns, but remember to send out the prisoners in small groups - you never know if they won't turn against you. Once that is done, be sure your alpha intimidated anybody that doesn't agree with him. Give him some tips like beating the shit out of some rebellious ass hole - it raises morale and stuff like that.

You have a fortress, weapons, a team, bit of rations. You need to go for scavenge groups. But that's a different article. Take these tips to heart - they might save you from becoming a walker.

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