Neko's Zombie Survival - Commonly Made Mistakes

Zombie survivalists agree that movies and comic books often lead to misunderstandings and people get eaten by the zombies because of their irrational behavior. I would like to cover some of the ideas and opinions from Ebaumsworld users that are extremely wrong.

Flamethrowers DON'T kill zombies - JBoogie said that her preferred weapon against zombies would be a flame thrower. It's a very common mistake to think fire kills zombies. Fire sets zombies on fire. Know the difference. You shoot a zombie in the head - zombie dies. You use a flame thrower - you set it on fire. Get it? Like when you put something on fire it's... set on fire, right. Not killed.

Rifles aren't great for head shots -  pistols might be helpful, so are shotguns, since their short range accuracy is excellent, even for people not trained with guns. What are rifles for? They are designed to fire many bullets, usually the FMJ or SP types, at the enemy. The enemy being a human being. You can set it to fire single shots, of course. Shooting a zombie doesn't work the same as shooting a human. There's this magical thing called recoil people who got their shooting experience from playing Call of Duty often don't know about. That's right, genius, it's not like in the movies where you can shoot a running zombie in the head with one shot from a rifle, even if it's 50 meters from you. 

Finding a desolate place and setting up... a shop (are you a retard? Who's idea was that?) - Yes, Higgs_Boson, you find a place like that and set up your shop. So you can sell the stuff you have to your customers (WHO!?!?!) for great prices (you're gonna exchange those for money? Money's worthless during a zombie epidemic) so that you strike great deals and you can buy more rifles to shoot the single zombies that won't come near your place. Only the customers will. Genious.

Don't go to the prison because the prisoners might decide not to leave and turn against the guards? - I have no idea how much of an idiot you must be not to grasp the concept of guards having weapons and prisoners being behind bars? You tell them to get the fuck out. And they run away. Because you have a gun and can shoot them. Easy? Of course it's easy. Sheesh.

It's okay to shoot the zombies - actually, it isn't. You should only use your gun when you're overwhelmed by the walkers. Shooting draws attention of the undead. Have you ever heard of a herd of zombies? They often gather into groups and follow a car (why they show up on highways). You can be in your hut by the lake at the desolated area you chosen to hide in (you incredible pussy) instead of having fun where the action is, and the action might get to you. Shoot a single zombie, the zombies in the forest hear it and follow. Soon you have a hundred zombies around your hut. Great thinking.

Remember that those are tips for rational thinking. Of course you can use molotovs and throw them over the wall - the zombies are gonna burn, but it's gonna take time and tactics. Same with a rifle. It might be great in tight spots. Barter is a great idea, but how can you set up a shop in the middle of nowhere and for what? The prison, though, has a great localisation and selling alcohol and cigs for ammo, a machete or gas, for example, is a brilliant idea.

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