Nemic and lil pete's adventures part 3

The orcs were tired and it was dark out . The moon beam'd a  blue gleam over there armor. 4 in the main tent including Orc Captain~ , 3 more on guard duty doing a very poor job. Pete casted a flare spell and summoned his wreaper. Nemic quickly took two orcs out . The Orc Captain charged at Pete's  Wreaper and tackles it to the ground but loses a hand in the process . Pete Drained the life outta the last guard. 2 more orcs rushed out, one threw a axe at nemic hitting him in the right leg. Pete Draines the life out of one , turns him into a lifeless corpse . Nemic Roots the last one and Chops his head off .                    Pete knew that Nemic needed rest for his wound before they could go on . They camped in a vally full of Thick moss. Day one . When they first woke up a odd reminder filled the air. Pete went off and foraged some food. He found a wild pig and brought it back . Cooked it with Greeny whips and Toki root.silently moving , award of the the drakes . They were fine for today but had  to make a start tomorrow. At night it was very loud , pitch black darkness as they waited for morning. Then... at the wraith were flying over above. Outta of no where one flew down on his horse and began to cast a hellish looking spell.... Nemic reached for his arrrows and Lil pete Began cast................ to be continued 
Uploaded 02/29/2012
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