new boss man

i spend my days in a freakin cubical the size of a motorcycle parking space.  i worked my ass off to get it too.  i used to have one that was directly outside the break room door so every single person who went in and out of the breakroom to replenish their coffee would see me pretending to be reading a tech article on email security.  i graduated from that cubical to one close to the back door.  that was a bit better but in the winter it was freezing cold and smelled like cigarettes.  my current cube is off in the corner with a window behind it.  yeah its overlooking the parking deck but every once in a while a pigeon lands on the window sill and makes my day extra exciting.  i named him martin and i feed him crumbs from my lunch.

so we are in the process of a complete re-organization in our department.  the new boss man wants to move everyone around.  he is completely disreguarding cubical seniority and putting people by group in different areas.  im telling you right now, if he moves me away from my window, i'll follow him home one day and as soon as he leaves his house, i'll sneak in and shit in his pillow case.  i might even shit ON his pillow case and mold it into a pigeon... in memory of my old friend martin.

screw you new boss man

Uploaded 12/17/2008
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