New Form Of Human Exploit In Canada

It's not a secret that human labor abuse in popular in the communist countries. People buy new clothes and don't even know they were made in a sweat shop by poor people of a 3rd world country. Now the hearthless Canadians found a new market. MMORPGs are video games where you earn gold and level up your players. But what about hiring people to do that for you for a small fee?

"I work 12 hours a day farming gold in World of Warcraft. I need to gather 3000 gold each day so I often have to work overtime. I get a place to sleep and they feed me. They give me some money too. We sell gold to rich American players for a few dollars. Our boss drives a BMW and wears a suit. We are so proud of him and that we can fullfil his dream." - Xiao Ming from Ottawa

"Before, I farmed gold in WoW, but now I got promoted to leveler. I level up characters for rich American players. I can get to level 20 in 2 days. I get to eat meat now and sometimes they give me enough to share with my family. It's not that stressing as farming, because there's no fear of getting banned." - Lulu Ping from Montreal

"When I'm farming for gold, I have to be careful not to get too greedy. If they ban me, I have to pay for making a new account myself." - Lu Bei from Ontario

"C'est petite crab." - Chan Min from Quebec


This new way of abusing poor people for money has been forbidden by most of the games' developers. Farming for gold may result in a ban. The young people have to eat and make new accounts. It's only harming them, not their slave drivers who live in expensive apartments where they sleep with luxurious hookers.

"Hahahahaha. Poor people play World of Warcraft for me and I sell the gold they farmed, the players they've leveled up and the items they gathered to rich Americans. I bought a new car yesterday and chicks dig my diamond necklace. It's +2 Charisma and 50% extra damage against dragons." - Yin Jian from Toronto

I guess it's like with the sweat shops. Most of us know how our shoes were made, but try not to think about it. That's one way for people to earn for their living and I guess it's tough, but they get to survive this way.
Uploaded 08/10/2011
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