New Mass Uploading

For those who arent familiar with me. I am THE WARMACHINE. Ive bee here for a while and was labelled guilty of filling up this site, even before this Erep system. You could not click on almost anything that was not linked to me in some way. This by no means is a brag, its about quality versus quantity. I enjoyed uploading things in which was actually entertaining and definitely have always been entertained by colorful comment left by many. This was my reward what I looked foward to.

 I took the time to find out what people like and want. Click on most popular groups and see who one of the top Admins are. There are other superstars here that have done the same to become the great ones that they are. Points are awarded in this order Views, Comments, then Uploads. Load up something and give people the opportunity to view, comment, then want more! Build a rep for only loading the goods like people like LordDread, Godlovesdemeter, Baddozer, R2D2, TheWarMachine74, and the other great ones that I may have missed. These are the people who will also give helpful advice instead of bombarding this site with garbage that YOU wouldnt even watch all the way through. Flooding this way will not get you that PS3 or 360 that your shooting for. So instead of that fast nickel, get that slow quarter and slow it down.




WAR WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 07/13/2008
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