New Obama Law

A great thing President re-elect Obama could do for this country would be to end a lot of social/political bullshit with a single law.

Much of what citizens fight over isn't a matter of opinion or right to gripe. It's about one side valuing reality while the other is allowed to go about their lives willfully ignorant. One side uses facts to enrich their lives and those of people around them, and the other likes to entertain fairy tale musings and the "shoulds" regarding everyone else but themselves.

A lot of politics and social stand-stills in this nation are the result of ignorance brought about by religious kooks and right-wingers (the party of religious ignorance). You can see it constantly right in my galleries and blogs, how a false sense of serenity and the unhealthy need to spread hate and stupidity stemming from a religious stance can be foolish, dangerous, and completely hindering to any hope of progression or peace.

Like other extremely bright and advanced nations, success is never achieved while coddling idiots. So a major turnaround in the health and power of this nation can be had easily.

All they'd have to do is pass a law stating the willful spread of misinformation will be illegal.


If a group feels warm, fuzzy, and in control believing the Earth was created in seven days, it's fine. They can tout it all they want within their churches.

But if a group decides to enter a schoolhouse door in order to preach to a few hundred 8th graders that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, they should be arrested. This is because what they're doing actively fucks with a child's education and disenfranchises them of the right to factual information as paid for by tax dollars.

Same with the psychics out there. These people make a rich living gathering money from people under the false belief they're getting answers regarding unsolved cases and the state of their loved ones who may or may not be gone. Since the most "renowned" psychics are dead wrong 99% of the time, that makes them charlatans. And it makes taking money for expertise that isn't there fraud.

Bullshit is a problem of massive proportions in all areas of life in this country. And part of the reason it is is due to the fact nobody gets penalized for keeping mankind at a retarded stand-still by being allowed to spread their bullshit. Imagine how fast it'll stop if creationists, self-proclaimed psychics, compulsive liars, and political cheaters understood their bullshit comes at a serious price.
Uploaded 02/03/2013
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