New Peircings

Yesterday i decided to take advantage of my new age status and get some peircings i've been wanting to get for a while. sorry they arn't that much fun lol but i got my tragus and my rook done. if you don't know what those are look it up, but there 2 places on the ear that are pretty think cartalige and it was pretty painful.

i already had 3 holes in my lobes, my cartalige and my naval done so i wasn't too too nervous, and i figured it wouldn't hurt any worse than my cartalige, but i was wrong. don't get my wrong it wasn't excrusiating and i would defiantly do it again, but it was a lot more painful than i was expecting.

first of all it didn't help that 5 of my friends ended up coming with me because we were going to the mall afterwards, and they're all trying to calm my nerves because i was starting to get a little nervous, but they were just making it worse.

and also, they can't use a gun on those parts so he had to do it by hand, making it a pretty slow insertion. i wanna say it took 2 full seconds to get the needles threw.

i did the tragus first, and that was the more painful of the 2, and almost chickened out for the second one, but decided i'd regret it and did it anyways. ew and the second one made a pop noise when it went threw, i almost threw up..

so yea i guess i'm pretty excited about it, i just need to ware my hair down for a while so mommy and daddy don't find out, not that they'd really do anything, just don't feel like getting shit from them for a while.

oh and before i went in, there was this guy at the tattoo parlor getting his nipple peirced so we all stayed to watch, my friend melanie took a picture of it getting done so he wanted it sent to his phone. let me just tell you this guy was i wanna say 28? clearly high off his ass, and just weird. i whispered to melanie not to do it because he'd have her number, but she did it anyways. later that night he called her. i dunno it was least for now it

Uploaded 12/30/2008
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