New Sight, Old Sight, Old People, and Shitty Paintings

With all the shake-up going on here I have not been writing. I have not been on the new sight much either. Part of it is that I don't do well with change. I've blogged before about how I even become uneasy when a buddy creates a new avatar.

This sight is like an old familiar building where I know every creak of every door, I know you have to jiggle the handle of the toilet in the restroom to get it to stop draining. The stain on the carpet is from when smeone knocked a coffee cup over. I like the feel of the couch in the lounge. It smells comforting and mildly of perspiration and beer.

The new sight is a building under construction and looks fresh and contemporary. It smells of new carpet and paint. Bare drywall is still visible and I can see where the cool new light fixtures are going to go but they aren't wired yet.

There are some folding chairs but they are not very comfortable. Many of my old friends are here but I haven't had time to chat. I don't hang out in the new building yet and it no longer feels like home to me in the old one.  

In real life my sibs and I are still dealing with my dad who is in a rehab facility nursing his fractured pelvis. It's like a 70 mile drive and the visits are taxing emotionally. Under Medicare guidelines his coverage will end Sunday. It costs over $7,500 PER FUCKING MONTH for him to stay there.

He can't come home. He can't walk or even clean himself after shitting because he tore his rotator cuff in an earlier fall. He's depressed. I don't blame him. I get depressed just visiting him and seeing the old humans in their chairs. None of them smile. Their end will come soon and they live with their regrets and eat bland food and watch their dignity fail them just as their ancient joints fail them. Sometimes their relatives visit them as I visit my dad. Fleeting. We stay for a couple hours then leave to do life and feel guilty.

The fossils here can look at the Norman Rockwellesque artwork on the wall, sappy oil renderings of kids playing with dogs. They depict a fake world of colors too bright. The scenes are just idealistic enough to mock the "inmates" with nastolgic memories of what will never again be.

I might steal a couple and hang them in the hallways of the new websight.

This is ugdork saying hello to all the regular bloggers who still post here and all the lurkers who read the posts.

Uploaded 02/07/2009
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