New South Park- Elementary School Musical

I came into school today and was told how funny the new south park episode was. I told my friend not to tell me bout it. I got home and watched the episode. I gotta say, the episode was not that great. I think that the actual plot, unlike most south park episodes, wasnt that bad. It had a legit plot line and it followed the rest of the story. The problem was that it dealt with high school musical. Now, I havent seen any of the high school musicals, but from what i hear, they suck ass. I actual singing and dancing in the episode almost made me turn off the episode, but I told myself that it was going to get better and it was worth sticking it out. I was only partly right.

The only funny part that I saw was how Cartman kept on making fun of the kid with diabetes. That was really funny. I also thought that the first time i saw that kids dad, it was hysterical. But it got old. He didnt do anything different and i eventually got sick of it. Overall, im going to have to look past the fact that the episode had singing and dancing in it and say that it was one of the better episodes of the season. I give it a 3/5. Let me know what you think.

Uploaded 11/13/2008
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