New South Park Episode- Ungroundable, Season Finale

Wow. The season finale to a crappy season and all I can say is wow. Vampires? Come on Trey and Matt, you can do way better than that. Basically, there are vampires in the school and they dress like the goth kids but they arent badass like the goth kids, so the goth kids get pissed. Butters hates being an average kid so he decided to become a vampire and he sucks at it. The episode ends with the goth kids ripping on the other ex-vampire kids and then saying to the kids to go fuck themselves.

I know the season has been terrible and their worst yet (even though it had 2 or 3 really good episodes), but come on. This is when everyone has realized that the writers are totally out of ideas. Season 13 (assuming its coming and South Park doesnt get cancelled) had better be good cuz if it sucks, I can guarantee you that South Park wont run to have 14 seasons. Overall I give the episode a C- (a B- for the entire episode, and then a D- for how shitty the episode was for a season finale). Let me know what you think.

Uploaded 11/21/2008
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