News report in 2050 of oil reserves running out.

Good evening, you are watching Channel Five news at 10 on Wednesday. It has been six months since the oil reserves in Venezuela ran dry, tensions are rising as the government of Saudi Arabia are inundated daily with requests from world leaders to further increase petroleum production. The requests are becoming more ardent due to the Saudi oil fields being one of the last oil fields still in production and definitely the largest. World leaders are also pressuring countries such as Brazil and Ghana to utilize untapped oil reserves, however these countries are refusing to co-operate. The public relations minister of Brazil released a statement saying, "we will not be bullied into making rash decisions which will irrevocably damage the geography of our beautiful country and potentially cause further damage to the atmosphere". However skeptics believe that the stalling in oil production is being used as a bargaining chip to ramp up the eventual price per barrel if and when they do further tap into their oil reserves. 
             The decision to further ravage the Saudi's oil reserves may be taken out of their hands as the armed forces of Iraq and Iran are stepping up military activities around the borders of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of Oman, it is suspected they will attempt a coup and seize the oil reserves for themselves. Statements from the governments who are increasing their military presences say they are on military exercises and just happen to be occurring near the border. The leaders of Saudi Arabia have asked for aid from the United Nations to intervene on their behalf if they are invaded for their oil reserves. In response to this our president of the United States of America has dispatched the 5th and 7th naval fleets as a "critical response" to the build up of "intimidation" at the Saudi Arabian border. We are also preparing to fly in its 2nd Army Group as a further deterrent to an invasion, there are also reports of Special Forces teams already at large in and around the borders of Saudi Arabia. 

           The leaders of Iraq and Iran have issued a statement declaring, they will deliver swift action if they are attacked by any forces of the United states, or if they encroach their borders. Several member states of the United Nations such as the United Kingdom and France have pleaded for our President to stand down our military build up as it may spark off a conflict in the Middle East which could ignite a powder keg and potentially set off WWIII. The concerns of the UK and France are given further credence as Iraq and Iran are rallying allies such as Libya, Sudan and Pakistan, whose oil supplies are dangerously close to being exhausted, there are even rumors that India may even side with the Iranian-Iraqi axis, which would see the Indian and Pakistani governments on the same side of the table, which is a precedence of which only low oil supplies could bring about. It is hoped that a peaceful resolution will be found too ease the escalating situation in the Middle East, but it is thought that such a peace would only last as long as the oil reserves of the countries around Saudi Arabia hold out. We shall keep your posted on the situation as and when it evolves.

           Moving onto domestic news the three day working week is still in effect as a means to slow the use of fuel supplies, the ban of all non-essential-domestic use of electricity from Thursday through to Sunday is also still in effect, the penalty of being cut off from power grids entirely has been introduced should a household break the ban, thousands of households across the East and West Coast have already been cut off due to using electricity during the banned days. Householders across the country are outraged at the potential sanction, but in response to this a spokesman from General Electric stated "Electricity is not a right but a privilege and such frivolous and unthinking use of their precious resource is further damaging the economy which is already close to collapse."

            A move to ban the use of non-commercial vehicle use will come into effect tomorrow, this has further infuriated householders as it will increase commuting times on the days they are allowed to work. In several major cities there have been looting's of petrol stations bordering on riots, a threat of Marshall law has been leveled if civil unrest increases. The true test will come tomorrow when the ban is fully in effect and the reality of no more fuel for vehicles truly hits home. 
                      You have been watching Channel Five News we will be back on Monday, please do not use electricity until Monday or try and fill up your vehicles fuel tank as of 12pm tonight it will become illegal to do so. Have a good evening and good luck.
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