Strawberry has been having a rough time sleeping.  She's plagued by nightmares of the abuse her ex and her attackers put her through.  It's making for pretty sleepless nights so we've been getting up around 2-4pm.  She's feeling better, though, being with someone who loves her and treats her with respect and kindness, which makes me feel good.

We're slowly but surely getting all her ID, medical records, and other legal priorities taken care of.  There's still much to do, but each bit we get taken care of makes both of us feel better.

The hardest part is getting her things here.  I'm not sure what we're going to have to do to get her electric piano packed well and shipped.  It's likely that it will be expensive, but it's something that needs to be done.  I did find one place that packs and ships such items, but I have to contact them during business hours to see if they'll pack and ship a single piano.  In the mean time, she has been playing on this ragged old piano I have.

I was able to find some music for her, though it's in a different key than her music was.  I'm sure she'll do fine with it once she has time to practice for awhile.  She actually did pretty good sight reading tonight only missing one note of the 5 flats arrangement of "Phantom of the Opera."

Strawberry has to give testimony on her gang rape case, but they're letting her do it over the phone.  She's been pretty nervous and upset over having to relive the details so she can give the testimony.  I'm doing all I can do to support her, but it also helps that my mom, who has been through a similar situation, is here to talk with her.  Strawberry and my mom seem to be getting along quite well.

It's a huge relief to have someone here who loves and trusts me and who isn't trying to sponge off of us and rip us off like the last couple people did.  Seeing her in person where it's easier to read her makes a big difference.  It's also nice that she isn't lying to me.  I've had so many who tried to and did deceive me in the past that this is quite refreshing.  Each day the trust builds and each day we both feel better about our future together.  Today she went without drinking at all with no request from me.  I really think she's going to be able to be a moderate drinker, which she has been since she got here.  No drugs and alcohol in moderation is just what the doctor ordered.

I should get back in there in case she's having nightmares again.  Last time I came in here to type something, she'd had some pretty rough nightmares.  I don't want to leave her side for too long at this time.

I hope everyone out there is having a good time.  May God bless each and every one of you.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Is With Us All,

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