No Good Reasons to Believe in God!

There is no good reason to believe in God. In your day to day struggles what reason is there to focus on some omnipotent individual as you repeatedly perform some arduous task that you and your peers identify as a waste of time. 

Yet, you do. I have heard many complaints from those in retail who take abuse from ignorant customers or power hungry managers. You little pricks bend to them, "Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full". You bend to little shits that control your life, yet dispute the possibility of something higher than you.

High school, what a fucking joke. Blah, blah, blah. Like who the fuck will ever use Pythagorean theorems in real life? The very few who took the time to learn them. Did you know Pythagoras had a religious following based strictly on science? Thousands of years ago. That new members had to shut the fuck up for over a year or more until they learned exactly what Pythagoras had to share? 

Yea, there was a consciousness that existed beyond their intelligence and they had to remain silent in the desperate hope that they might see the light that the brilliant mind Pythagoras had to offer.

Uploaded 06/09/2013
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