No, Minorities. You're Not the Majority Now.

It's kind of sickening but laughable to hear minorities claim whites are now below them in number in my country. Like a lot of ignorant shit I hear more often on TV and in conversations, it's thrown around like some kind of warning or special accomplishment. This is when people need to remind them their exclaimations are annoying and plain stupid. Cuz they're not true to begin with.

This guy I work with loves to play devil's advocate with me when a bunch of us get into serious and stimulating conversations. The only problem is he says a lot of unfounded and ignorant shit. One of them was how whites are the minority now since "There were more non-white children born this year".

Of course I had to remind him that doesn't mean dick. And that whites are still very much the majority in this country. 37% of us voting Obama and honkies determined not to put up with a Republican in the White House isn't a sign of some racial revolution.

You see, in 2011, for the first time ever, minority births surpassed those for whites in America - and it was only by .4%. That means 50.4% of births - for one single year - aren't for whites, which doesn't make the slightest dent in our population majority lead, anyway:


As for America's real population rates? These are the latest:

White  63.4  (subtracted from % of Hispanics considering themselves white)
Black  13.1
Asian  5.0
Mixed  2.3   (may include half-white)
Latino 14.7  (non-white Hispanic)
Other  1.4

Fertility rates were led by blacks with 1.958. But whites only trail by .010% with a rate of 1.948. This is still higher than Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians. U.S. Census Bureau

Basically all this jump (and related articles) says is that minorities keep having more kids during a short time in which whites' birth rates dropped. An analyst actually claims it may be due to the fact that, with job security failing due to a harsh economy period, whites took the time to hold off on having new children, while minorities (a vast majority of them poverty-stricken anyway) just went on with having kids the same way. Seems very un-pc, but probable nevertheless.

Another thing interesting to bring up if you hear some cocky person try to blast you with the whole "You're a minority now" thing? How many of their surpassed numbers will follow the same statistics and end up subtracted from society later:




Trust me, it's one of those things that just immediately shuts stupid people up, followed by them walking away with a confused look on their face.

Again, it may not seem pc, but hey, they are statistics.

Uploaded 11/11/2012
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