no more American, Canada's in an election

Alright. Here in Canada we had an election campaine start 11 days ago or so. I haven't posted anything on it yet because I didn't really know a whole lot about the Liberal position and a whole lot about the Conservatives.  I am a supporter of the NDP, but will not be voting for them. Why? because all I've heard from them(as well as the Liberals) is spend spend spend while lowering my taxes.  I found both parties plans are to tax big buissness like there is no tomorrow.  All this is going to do is worsen our economy because big buissness will go FUCK YOU and pick up and ship to Mexico. This has left me with 2 choices. Green and Conservative. as there is no way in hell I'm going to vote for the Green party ever and will condem anyone who wants those goof balls to run our country. that leaves me with the Conservatives.  Do I want to vote for them, no. Will I? yes.  If for the only reason that they have a sencible person running, Harper.  Anyways I'm just wondering what my fellow Canadians are thinking and who you want to vote for.

I am Muhhaha and I don't give a shit about Barack or McCain, I care about Harper, Dion, and Layton

Uploaded 09/17/2008
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