no more politics holmes

so I was bored this week day and I was watching tv when this commercial came on, it was like one of those dating ones you know like the guy goes I met shamya sho-shoo from communist china and she makes me happy, and then shes like harroooohhh. Dude so I was like, I wonder if some younger american girls get on there just to find fuck buddies.

so i get on this site and like Im looking at all these girls, and I immediatly felt so fucking bad. Cus you see all these middle aged, some beautiful some fat, women that you can tell are either really nice and shy or just virgins or whatever. And they can't meet guys cus whatever theyr reason.

So I just thought to myself these poor stupid women get on here in hopes to find a guy of their dreams, but you know damn well he just is gunna want to fuck. Thats the only reason guys get on those shits. That's the reason I began to get on there for, but I felt bad.

Then I was like, no way man, there have got to be those slutty bitches, that just can't get enough cock. But then Im like nah, ill just go to the club, watch cus if i went through with it, itd probably be some big bubba and rape me in my butt.

moral for the bitches, internet dating is bullshit, and if you do it, you're fucking stupid.

theee end.




Uploaded 10/16/2009
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