No Philly Fan

Yo I'm no Philly fan But I'm damn sure a Vinnie fan hardcore mahafucca put shots through ya mini van hot damn yea  this kid tore up the place like he couldnt catch a case just like the razor tore up a ya face I'm from a place where its hot as a bitch a crazy son of bitch heat crazed lettin off with choppaz and shit . Siciliano never catch me flip like Gravano I did my stints mahafucca  so I earn my bravado So bravo another born bread criminal ... Raised on meatballs and sauce served in moms kitchen yo  listen yo I could sell a mill and she'd be still bitchin yo .We got that blood of a slave NY born baby home of the brave craddles to graves this how i want my sons to be raised.. mahafucca try to git at u git at em wit a razor blade. always  keep a razor fade and  look sharp till the hilt and show pride in what ya father built .I feel big now baby like I'm walkin on stilts and this Siaga 12 right here shows you how more than gravity kills fill u with more metal then the whole world getting cavities filled its real in the field get caught not carryin steal and ya ass will get killed .Im a Rida i'm a shoota never the getaway driva i'm a git ski masked up an attack u wit a screw driva snatch ya purse I get maced in the face its all good its like domino mahafucca! boyz N tha hood and I'm cube the olive version aged not extra virgin I gotta Tempest of rhymes in my mind of biblical proportions slice ya like a surgeon and Im anti government so fuck the luciferian control of the system mind control over the masses so I joined the resistance . fuck their bloodline homie i'm all about the blood from the cross the kinda blood that heals me in this land of the lost . the land of the damned , blamin innocent Muslims as a part of their plan .wuts next Iran ? then where ? Aramageddon? world war 3 ? The only thing we should be fightin for his to be totally free fuck a New World Order I want the world my God intended  back before Adam , and Eve or that got damn tree  .America's a lie owned by a world of bankers they develop shit in vaccines till kill ya babies before they grow outta diapers . Autism's runnin rampid  cancer and A.I.D's then you got F.E.M.A stock piling plastic coffins for graves . Fox NEWS distributes propaganda and lies and American's eat it up like warm apple pie  wash it down with a bit of Mit Romney's bullshit and bam! you got a whole nation headed head first to a firey pit .So I'ma keep writin this Revolution style shit .until ya'll wake up from this hypnosis ur in ................ 
Uploaded 06/23/2012
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