No politics today

  Folks, no politics from me today.  Also, no wallboy jokes.  It's one thing to tease him in good fun.  However, it's just a load of crap to be tasteless and rude (to anyone here) {what I meant here is being directly tasteless and rude to another user.  I think it's fine to post something that will open up debate}.

  For today's blog, I want to talk about drinking.  The two main things that I like to drink are either beer or whiskey (either scotch or bourbon).  There aren't very many brands of vodka that I like after drinking it in Poland.  The stuff that they have there is way better than what I can find in the U.S. 

  As for the beer, I drink it because it tastes good.  I don't drink beer to get drunk.  I would rather pay for quality over quanity any day.  I like Guinness the best.  It has a better flavor and arroma than domestic beers.  Another favorite is Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel.  A great German beer that goes great with schnitzel and spaetzle.  Now that is a filling meal.

  As for whiskey, it depends on how I'm feeling.  I like either a domestic or inport.  Irish Whiskey is the best inport.  I only like one domestic brand though, Jack Daniel's.  The normal black lable is fine for making a Jack-and-Ginger, or any other mixed drink.  However, I do like to have a sipping whiskey now and then.  When that happens, I reach for Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.  Just pour some over crushed ice and sit back.  It also goes well with a nice cigar. 

  If you really like the taste of it, and have almost ten grand to spend, you can buy an entire barrel.  One of their master tasters will take you through the distillery and let you sample some of the barrels (or you can have them pick one for you).  One you decide on what you want, they will package it for you.  You get about 240 bottles of booze and the barrel that it matured in.

  If I had that much money to just spend without concern, I might by a barrel.  I don't know about you, but 240 bottles will last me for a few decades.  Hell, I'll probally start to give them out as gifts.

  Enough of me rambelling on.



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