No respect anymore?

People have no respect when it comes to other peoples relationships. People will try anything to get a guy to leave his girl or a girl to leave the guy by means of lying to get what they want.

It happens to alot of people, and it happened to me the other day. I've been out of town for going on 4 1/2 days now, three states away from where I live. Me and her are in our late teens, early 20's, so maybe it's the generation, I don't know. Well, last night she gave me a call, saying some guy said I was at a Criket (phone service provider) paying my bill, when two women walked in, which I started a conversation with. He said me and the two females had a 20 minute conversation, which proceeded into me leaving with them. Ok?

Your really that goddamn dumb?

You thought this out?

You thought it was going to work out?

Nice one?

You think she's gonna leave me for you? Get fucking real.

My woman knows I'm out of state, knows I wouldn't do anything to hurt her, and everybody knows it.

So I just go to pay a bill, get hot with some women, and leave my car 10 miles from home in hopes to get some poon?

The new generations lack respect, and think shit is supposed to be given to them, and they don't give two shits about anyone. Point, period, blank.


And my question is........Why?





Uploaded 12/17/2008
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