No Wrestling in the Olympics?

The OIC announced it was removing wrestling from the Olympic Games. Wrestling, unlike some other events such as synchronized swimming, is a real sport. It has tradition behind it going back to 800 B.C.. Most countries in the world are able and willing to compete and it's a cheap sport that is great to teach to children. 

Now, nothing gets Heisenburg off more than watching two men rolling around on a mat, but besides that, it's a real man's sport unlike figure skating. And what's with Obama saying he wouldn't enter his boy into playing football because it's too rough? Then you have this weird trend growing with the "Metro-male" and those flighty "Hipsters". Or maybe metro-males are hipsters now?

Boys and men need to get their aggression out, they are not going to do that putting on male lipstick, learning synchronized swimming or engaging in discussions that revolve around, "Is it ethical to eat celery" or "Do matching socks make my dick look big". Oh I know, maybe they can get a work out playing a rousing game of ping-pong or crazy eights. 

This decision by the OIC only makes sense as a kind of publicity stunt to cause some controversy leading up to the next Olympics. If it's for realz then the OIC are a bunch of idiots. 

Uploaded 02/17/2013
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