Nobody Post Like Anon!

Gosh it disturbs me to see you, Anon
looking so down in the dumps.
Everyone here'd love to be you Anon
even when taking your lumps.
There's no man in /b/ as admired as you
you're everyone's favorite troll.
Everyone's awed and inspired by you
you obese, unforgiving asshole. like Anon
no one boasts like Anon
No one makes creepy threads full of ghosts like Anon.
For there's no man online half as manly
perfect, a man free of fail
you can ask any Doug, Snacks or Zimmer
and they'll tell you who posts girls worth a trip to jail. like Anon
No one blames like Anon
No one's got ROMs of pirated games like Anon
Anonymous: "To your 12 year old niece I'm INDIIIIMIDATING"
My what a guy that Anon!

Give five "Win and God"s
Give twelve internets
Anon is the best
and the rest
fake their GETs. like Anon
worships Japs like Anon
No one posts his collection of traps like Anon.

Girls: For there's no one as mean and abusive.
Anonymous: Hey you cunts, Tits or GTFO.

Whether massive or scraggly and scrawny.
Anonymous: "I've got millions of images I want to show".

No one's met an Anon
makes us wet like Anon
No one's openly gay for Bridget like Anon.
Anonymous: "I'm especially good at hidiiiing my loli".
OHSHI- Partyvan for Anon!

Anonymous: "When I was a lad I saved porn every day, and I watched my collection grow large.
But then I found /b/ and the others like me
now it's roughly the size of a baaaaarge". like Anon
matches wits like Anon
No one pays Gaia camwhores for tits like Anon.

Say it again
Who's a man among men?
And then say it once more
who's the /b/tard next door?
Who's the only acceptable internet hero
and browses without his pants on?
There's just one guy online who's got all of these thiiiings...
And I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plAIIIIIIIR



Uploaded 05/18/2008
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