Noise, noise, and more noise.......


My brother who is a staunch republican who one day took my republican card away because in his words "you are a bleeding heart" has once again out done himself. While he was at our family reunion he got into a heated debate about Obama and afterward he called me to tell me he will not be attending anymore of our family reunions because he doesn't want to be around anyone who voted for Obama. I told him in the last 15 family reunions I have attended one so its OK with me because I dont like that kind of thing anyway. He phoned me about an hour ago after leaving his wives family reunion (angry) because his father-in law voted for Obama. Well I think this is a little overboard and told him so but I gave him an idea. He likes family reunions so I told him to change religions and move to where the Mormons are and that way he can have more wives and sooner or later he will find a family reunion where he fits in. Then again maybe he could just learn to be a little bit more open minded and let people have a different opinion than his. My brother is one of the most knowledgeable people  about politics that I have ever talked to but once again his message gets "lost in the noise."


Now I know what you are wondering "hey Bo, how does this effect you?"

Well I am now NOT the black sheep of the family, at least until I open my mouth again because as ole Hank says "its a family tradition"


Uploaded 07/12/2009
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