not a homophobe, just a poser

let me be clear, "blogging is gay" was written on a whim because A. I've never written a blog and
B. I had run out of combinations of words to type into the google image finder to render any spank-worthy free porn.   As for the cynical analysis of my blog content, thank you, one and all.   reading the comments on the crap that gets posted on this site is usually more entertaining than the crap itself, and just being a part of the convoluted gaggle of fappers that feel up to creative criticism has boosted my self-esteem.   We are all a collective of self important dweebs trying to impress a non-existent stranger with whatever passes for wit nowadays, and I think that what really strikes most people isn't honesty or detachment or wit, for that matter, but unbridled, seething hate, and that's funny.   hate is funny, at least the kind that is unleashed in the form of blogs or twitter or, you know, whatever else the internet can give us to be heard without really having to be present at the conversation, and as long as the outcome isn't violent whats the harm in it.   I am a lover at heart, and in person I believe I'm a pretty nice guy, but you don't have to be you online, do you; nor do you have to be politically correct, afraid of opinions or generally interested in your fellow man at all for that matter. now I must return to my recently downloaded tranny fisting vid, because all this typing is good, pointless fun, but so is masturbation, and blogging doesn't end in an orgasm.   usually.
   Tune in soon, because I'm probably only worth a blog now and then, considering the only site I go to for funny shit IS ebaumsworld.   FUCK ALL OF YOU, and thank you.
Uploaded 04/20/2011
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