Not Arguing with Religious People Anymore

For a while I considered myself an atheism activist. I would full on engage anybody in a debate about religion whenever the subject came up. But I'm not doing that anymore.


The arguments can get really complicated. I mean seriously freaking complicated. To be the best debater of the subject, you'd have to know everything about general science, physics, philosophy, and each of the religions you choose to attack and you'd have to know them well enough to be able to explain them to idiots. That's really too much for one person.


I've come to a realization though that, after all arguments have been made, the bottom line is this: whether you think your life would be better by believing in fairy tales or facing reality as harsh or beautiful as it may be is simply a matter of opinion. That's what it all boils down to, ignorant-bliss or accuracy-come-what-may.


Having made this discovery, ridding the world of religious fundamentalism and extremism is not a task I can handle on my own. Religious people don't care about what's really real. Many of them are just trolls and don't really want the information. So from now on I'm just telling people there are places on the internet where they can get all the information they want and, when I have the money, I will support those information depots because I still believe the world would be better off without religions.

Uploaded 04/17/2011
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