Not In the First Person

What I am about to write describes a situation I am not qualified to write about. Not because I am literally incapable, but because I have no personal experience other than from an observational perspective. However, my emotional reaction and my empathy for the situation somehow beckons me to do so. My sacrifice is nonexistent, my input will have little results, but somehow there is something inside me that urges me to tell the story.

The story is based on the life of just one man. He was a man of simple purpose, not of simple means, to do what was right, and a man who would realize, only in death,  that his simple purpose was reserved for only the most powerful of men.

He was raised in America, in a good family to do what what was right for his country. After 911 he made it his mission to hunt down the men that were responsible. At first he served in Iraq. There he questioned, only to himself, the tactics his government took. He obeyed the orders.

While there he observed the needless theatrics played out by the upper brass to rescue Jessica Lynch. He feared, he too would be used to glorify war. As such he drafted up papers that would not allow his death to be used as a glorification of war.

While in Afghanistan he was killed by friendly fire. Against his last will, the upper brass right up to the generals, Donald Rumsfeld  and George Bush ignored his request.

This is the story of just one man, who wanted to do the right thing, for his country. Not because he wanted to be an American hero, not for prestige and wealth, not to take power over other nations. He did it because his country asked him.

Who is this man? The American Soldier!

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