not so brutal violence

I'm not a biologist or any manner of expert on this so correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me, having no real expertise other then that I watch alot of shows on the subject, that when animals not trained to fight by humans (meaning dog fights and cock fights do not apply to what I'm about to say), when animals not affected by human contact fight for thier own reasons, one would imagine it to be so much more brutal then it is. Most footage I've seen of wolves, lions, bears or any other large mammal that seems like it would put up a brutal fight, usually shows a very brief and slow fight. The lions in particular are striking in this way. When two males fight they seem to do little more them posture and make alot of nosie, then make a couple movements and one backs off. I admit I've seen them kill the cubs of other males, but they kill them fast and efficiently, they don't fuck around with it. When they're hunting it's similiar. they seem to kind of jump up on what thier hunting and tip it over then go for the throat. You can't even see any blood. People think there's something so harsh and unforgiving about the way animals interact, but it seems damn gentle comapred to what humans do to one another. remember, thier are worse things you can do to people then kill them.

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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