Nothin But Clowns Today.

Thank the lord almighty that tomorrow is friday. Im gonna come out with a new resturant called TTLATTIF, its gonna kick TGIFs weak ass behind and make it sell its ass on the streets, TTLATTIF gonna be spread all over the motherfucking ghetto. Today was some bullshit. I ran into a bunch of clowns today. For real. I was drivin to work and some busted ass crackhead jumped out in front of my car and i had to swirve malicousively around him because had I not had done that, I would had killed that fool, for real. And that was just the beginning part of the day. Than when I got to work it was a hole nother set of problems. But im gonna keep that shit to myself  cause Im not gonna tell yall where I work cause some of yall like to talk some serius shit. Some fool will be like "motherfucker, your not black because black people work at those places so your obviously not black"  or some bullshit like that. Yes im is black, yes I am a real person, some yall just haters cause Im a new guy on the street. So I just got home and now im gonna chill with a blunt and forget about all the clowns today. See yall at TTLATTIF soon homies. Out.
Uploaded 03/03/2011
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