Nothing Poetic, actually maybe it was?

Monday was a day off, my work outside depended on a clear day, and it was raining. My wife was concerned cause she gets six weeks paid time off, while I am self employed. My days off come with no pay. I know, imagine no pay for no work, so anti socialistic.

However, the weathered cleared and my helper and I got to work on painting the front of four brownstone houses.

Everyday the news said it would rain the next day, but we showed up every morning and the days were clear, but hot, up to 40 Celsius.

Every morning we were tired from working in the stifling heat and hoped it would downpour so we could rest by taking the day off.

Everyday, was perfect for painting as we would toil in the shade. Every night was perfect for sleeping as we were exhausted from hard work.

The job got completed, the customers are happy, and i have a tidy sum in my pocket. Two Thousand for four days hard work.

I'll never be rich, but I got no reason to bitch!



Uploaded 07/16/2010
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