It is hard for me to muster up feelings of hate for anyone, including Nova. I actually want to like Nova because he tries so hard at getting people to hate him. Nova is probably an only child, who's only recognition comes from parental abuse. He is starved for human emotion and is desperate enough to accept hatred as the only emotion he feels worthy of.

Nova's comments are intended to get him some attention, even if they are negative, because it sure beats no attention, at all, as his family and peers never give him.

Nova is quick to observe an opportunity to insult someone, I find it embarrassing, as he tries to take advantage of an all so obvious human weakness. It is so childishly sadistic, I feel like a kid who wants to crush the face of a baby rabbit.

Nova is just some lonely fat kid with huge festering zits who can't find his penis. He probably cries himself to sleep every night as he weens himself off of Depends.

Nova I will not give up on you as a decent human being, there is still hope. Stop hating yourself and join the human race. We are not perfect, but most of us are decent, and a few less are even cool.

If it is all an act you are putting on, well, it's boring and too obvious. If you are being serious, no one here cares for your opinions as they are without any semblance of merit or intelligence.

If you regard yourself as an intelligent being, share some of your feelings and ideas without insulting others. We won't laugh at you for your honest thoughts, but we will find you repulsive and repugnant for your childish remarks.

I thought at first and to this point feel, you are not worthy of a blog and should just be ignored, but I am hoping you will write just one blog and show some decency.

I won't hold my breath!


Uploaded 08/07/2010
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