Now for Something Completely Different!

I was browsing the ABC 13 News Houston website and saw this video.

It reminded me somewhat of a little cafe that was next to where I took Martial Arts in the Houston River Oaks area.  Stars had come in his cafe over the years and when they came to visit, the owner would ask them to let him take a picture which they later would sign.

I believe the oldest photo he had was of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  It was surprising that such great stars had come to that little shop in Houston.  The owner must have had some kind of tie to the entertainment industry.

The cafe is now closed and I wonder what happened to those great old pictures.  It's a shame that they're not on display in a museum somewhere for all to see.  Maybe they are and I just don't know about it, but I'd sure love to see them again.

My favorite thing to do there was sit and have a nice, cold, dark beer and a barbecue sandwich after a hard day of training.  I never saw a star enter the establishment when I was there, or at least I didn't recognize them, but the place had a nice, unobtrusive, homey atmosphere.  Perhaps that's why the actors frequented the place.

Uploaded 06/01/2011
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