NOW I'm pissed

Fuck that other bullshit. NOW I've REALLY got my fodder. Here's the blog I know my old friends have been waiting for. If you're only just getting to know me, this will be your first taste of what you'll come to expect from me.


I was talking to two friends of mine, both young girls (no, neither of them were kittens). Young here meaning early 20's. The subject came up of a boyfriend who's getting out of prison. Now, I knew her boyfriend was in prison, but previously I'd been minding my own business.


But they began to discuss what they both referred to as their "fuckups". Apparently they both have lowlife druggy boyfriends (not potheads, but shit like cocaine and crystal meth), and who they both admit to being "literally incapable of saying no to". I was blown away by how happy they both seemed about this, prancing around at the end of a couple of worthless shitbags' leashes like nothing in the world could be more delightful. I was very disappointed to learn that this was all either of them thought they were worth, as I myself had placed much higher value on both of them. Apparently I just suck at appraisals. 


So I got into it with them, explaining how monumentally stupid they both are to lick a couple of scumbag's boots so eagerly and gratefully. Needless to say they weren't thrilled to be made to look at themselves in the mirror when that's the kind of reflection they cast. So they argued back, trying to justify it or at least explain it and/or excuse it. Some of you have seen people try to argue with me before, you probably know how that turned out for them. 


And that's when it happened. One of them, the younger of the two, a tender lass of 20, revealed to me, and all others present, the TRUE depth of her intelligence. Sadly, now that the pitiful scale is laid bare for all to see, she can never try and pretend she has a shred of wisdom ever again, at least not around those same people. The steaming, putrescent comment she vomited forth was:


"I'd take a scumbag who does drugs over a scumbag who kills people's fathers and brothers and husbands any day."


Those of you who know me and who know what she meant by that, take a moment now to absorb it. I realize the sheer ignorance of it makes it difficult for anyone with half a brain cell to digest, as anyone who employs logic and reasoning in trying to decipher it is sure to fail miserably. To grasp her point of view, you'll have to try and see things from the standpoint of a complete moron. 


Those of you who don't know what she was talking about, I can sum it up for you in three words: I'm a Marine.


Amusingly, people were still asking me 15 minutes later, after I had shamed the girl until she broke down crying and left, if I was still pissed. Moi? Why would I be pissed? I'm nothing short of ecstatic, to witness an American citizen employing the free speech I fight to protect. 


After all, it's a dangerous world we live in. It'd be nice to live in a world where nobody killed anyone, it truly would. Surely any reasonable person would agree. But it just isn't so. We live in a world with killers in it. And when you're living in a world with killers in it, there are only two ways that world can function:


1) The only types of killers in the world are people who kill innocent people for personal gain. The strong will kill the weak to further their own power, wealth and influence. In this world, you either ARE a killer, which is the only way to live happy and free, or you serve the killers, and if you're lucky you'll have a master who treats you decently. If you're not, you'll probably be beaten and raped on a regular basis. 


2) There are two types of killers in the world, people who kill innocent people for personal gain, and people who kill people who kill innocent people for personal gain. In this world it's possible to live free and happy without having to kill anyone to do so, because there are killers protecting you from the killers who would subjugate you. This, thankfully, is the world we do in fact live in. 


How can I be anything but happy, then, to be one of those killers, who stands with his fellows, fighting and bleeding and dying so that others don't have to, and to see those I protect exercising the freedoms that I risk so much to give them? After all, in the first kind of world, telling a killer that he's a scumbag would have gotten that girl... well, killed. But not in this world!! No, here she is free to say it with pride and without fear of consequence or repercussion. 


She can say it loud and proud thanks to men like Allen Bailey, who was blown to shreds by a mortar when he was 19 years old, and Matthew Blackstone, who will live out the rest of his days in a wheelchair after a bullet severed his spine. Thank goodness these men were willing to give so much, because if they hadn't, we might never have known what worthless pieces of shit they are, who are lower than drug addicts and convicted felons. We might never have known, because that poor girl would have been killed for trying to tell us. Well, eventually. She would have been raped for a few days, first. Or maybe weeks.  


Lucky for her, there are scumbags in the world who kill people's fathers and brothers and husbands. I'm going to take my german shepherd now, and go run until all this exuberant joy has been drained from my muscles. 

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