NY Jets locker room scandal

So apparently, a group of journalists is all frenzied over this female reporter who went in to the Jet's locker room after a game to get an interview, and surprise!  Some inappropriate comments were made.

Now before I begin, the woman is handling herself very well.  She isn't making a big deal of it, and doesn't seem like she's trying to leech as much media attention as she can get.  Yeah, it was rather crass of the players that didn't exactly treat her like a lady, but I've long since come to terms with the fact that not everyone is as chivalrous as I.

Here's my issue: I honestly don't think they should be sending female reporters into a men's locker room to begin with.  This isn't a smear on female reporters in general; I'm a firm believer that the male and female genders have their own unique strengths and weaknesses that counter-balance each other, and through cooperation we can all reap the benefits of a harmonious existence.  But sending a female reporter into a men's locker room in my opinion is rather inappropriate to begin with.  It goes without saying that there are going to be a bunch of guys (hence "men's") in various stages of undress, showering/changing back into their regular clothes (hence "locker room").  If the interview is that important, couldn't she feasibly catch him on his way out, where she won't be surrounded by a bunch of men who just spend 4 quarters engaging in one of the most testosterone-laden activities on the planet?

Naturally, they send one of the most attractive female reporters they can find (although I'm still undecided on whether or not I can tolerate her voice . . . but, I digress).  Is anyone really surprised?  For those of you who are still screaming "Sexism!" I pose this scenario: Imagine if a handsome male reporter just strolled into a women's locker room in a similar scenario.  Just looking to get an interview.

I honestly can't get over the fact that a man does not under any circumsances belong in a women's locker room for any reason whatsoever, the interview be damned, so I have a hard time even fathoming said fictional event.  They'd be showering, most likely in various stages of undress, and a man would have no business being there.  But there's no reason a woman can't waltz in with a microphone and try to get a statement from a guy dressed in a towel?

Honestly, I think the whole situation is just plain stupid.  She didn't belong there to begin with, but fortunately she isn't trying to victimize herself over the whole thing.  Not that I'm excusing anything those men may have said to her to make her uncomfortable, but . . . why the hell was she in there to begin with?!  I guess that's my only point.  I imagine the feminists will disagree with me, and I've never really agreed with them either, but that's an entirely different blog.  Check the video out for yourselves, and see what you think.

Uploaded 09/15/2010
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