nyyank257's Top Ten of 2010

Well, here is my top ten videos of 2010. It's a little bit of everything with some creativity involved.
It was difficult to choose just ten videos, but here ya go.

1. Guy Dances In Traffic And Gets Owned By Ice Cream Truck

I hope everyone remembers this video. Yes he gets hit by an ice cream truck, but with the Guiles Theme playing it takes it to a whole nother' level.
2. Piano Neko Kaeru Yo!

I know what you're thinking, "MrsNekoJeans"!? Yeah I know, but I really enjoyed this video because it had Ron Livington from Office Space play as the famous keyboard cat. Being a fan of Office Space, I couldn't resist to favor it.

3. Slow Motion Cheerleaders

We all love cheerleaders, especially in slow motion showing off their goodies. Also, to top it all off, a Johnny Cash song playing along with the video. Pure win.

4. Jingle Bell Boobs

Christmas has come and gone, but this video gets me in the spirit no matter what season it is. I like bewbs.

5. Fat Kid Goes Insane

We all love the fat kid getting embarrassed in any video. This one takes the cake for me.
"Shawnnn!!! STOP RECORDINGG!" *Face turns red* lel

6. Creepy Kid From Back To The Future III

Being a fan of the BTTF movies, I never noticed what the creepy kid was doing in the movie until I saw this. What the fuck was he doing? Mind=Blown.

7. Pervert Cat

My top ten of 2010 would not be complete until I had a Caturday video in it, so here it is.
He had the right idea, so who can blame him!

8. Just Another Fail Vid

As I mentioned in the beginning, "creativity". This video had it where the user "deevo25" compiled all his fail videos that were featured all in this one video while adding a kick ass song to it.

9. Worst DJ EVER!

This was so random from this DJ it's just hilarious. He was pretty good with the beat of the music too.

10. Meet The Holy Diver

Last, but not least this prisoner found nothing but failure trying to escape. It all made it complete with a Ronnie James Dio song " Holy Diver".

- Yank
Uploaded 01/13/2011
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