Obama a man of his word

Im an Obama supporter and I am gkad that he did what he promised before his election namely that hell get the soldiers out of iraq and he did. this is obviusly not fitting to the opposition since theyve been trying to critisize the idea some even say that its stupid to take the troops back out or iraq and some say that its a trick to get the voters - yeah why are you hating on the man? he did what he had promised and what did Ron paul do other than put shit on obama and say hed do it better?

Theres been a lot of hate going on from the peeple towards Obama and a lot of people worship Ron Paul like hes going to be such a great president let me tell you something - Bill Clinton was a great president, later George Bush took over and he was a cool cowboy with a bunch of promotional stuff which made him look like a legend that the america needs. He sent troops to middle east and cause the us economy to drop by half. Obama promised to be cool to the minorities. He is. He promised to reform the healthcare and he did. He promised to take the troops out of iraq and he did.

U mad Ron Paul fantasts? lol seriously yo. you sound like a bunch of cultists trying to push your guru to the throne so he could start doing some shit that would make america look stupid again like Bush did. think for yourselves and face the facts Obama delivers, Paul is a fairytale
Uploaded 12/18/2011
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