Obama Chia?

 Ok so I remember about 3 months ago I heard about somebody making an Obama chia, in case you dont know what a chia is it's sorta like a kids toy you can just google it and you will see exactly what it is. So this is a normal chia except its head is shaped like barack Obama a bunch of people got pretty mad about this whole situation because supposebly it is racist. They say that the hair on the chia grew in an afro like shape and they called that racist. I find it pretty reasonable because if the hair grew straight and downwords it would probably look like a black emo kid, have you seen a black emo kid before? I have and I have got to say it's pretty damn weird. SO I myself did not think it was racist or offensive at all, but hey nowadays someone is always trying to sue someone just so they can get some money.


       I didnt mind any of thhis until just yesterday when I saw the actual commercial, I couldn't help but to laugh because what some people find offensive I find funny. What better way to immoralize the president than to make a clay sculpture out of him that grows curly sprouts out of its head. Chia calls this thing a symbol of liberty, opportunity, prosperity and hope. Even walgreens pulled this thing off of the shelves, I can only imagine a 10 year old boy opening up his christmas present and saying " What the fuck is this shit "? 


      To be honest I thought that thing was pretty damn ugly but the real obama isnt really much to look at either. I had a laugh at this thing but now I really dont like that thing it kind of creeps me out, How would you like to see that thing in your home? It looks kinda like a black clown. A lot of people dont like Barack Obama but this isnt helping it's only giving them fuel. I dont no much about politics but I do know that thing is pretty damn ugly and weird. This is only giving people a low opinion of Barck Obama, If they make a joe bidon chia than I will probably kill myself. Well it might be useful for something, who knows maybe I can grow weed in the fucker. For some reason I never really liked those chia thing they have always creeped me out a little, Im also pretty sure that the little kids that get those as a b-day present must be pretty creeped out by them to. It can also grow up to an inch and a half of hair, I hope his economy will grow like that too!

Uploaded 07/22/2009
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