Obama Got Osama

It bothers me that the President of the USA  can announce the killing of Osama and have a huge proportion of people doubt his word. It's sad that a world leader of the most powerful country has no credibility with most of the citizens of the world. What are we to do? No one believes news agencies as they all seem to have their own ideologies. It's blatant partisanship from one channel to the next, one talk show to the next interview.

Trying to discover the truth about anything has been rendered next to impossible. This is kind of like trying to find a church in years gone by. You find one with a location, Pastor and congregation you feel comfortable with. You all listen to the same sermons, come to the same conclusions and have bingo's to support the same causes. Right next door, there is another church, synagogue or Mosque all believing their brand of the truth.

Information has now become faith based. Many people criticize religious people because they have no scientific proof God exists. As if anyone on this planet would have the intellectual capacity to comprehend such a proof. Shit, can anyone of us  prove Osama was killed as the President said? Fuck no, and you are an idiot if you think you can. Some people want to see pictures proving he is dead. How are pictures to sway your conclusions? If you do not believe it now, you'll just say the pictures are ten years old or photo shopped or some other nonsense.

Sadly and with disappointment, I find I can in no way believe any source of information. All I can do is take pieces of the puzzle and piece them together in my own head in a way that makes sense to me. I would love to turn on the TV, listen to the News and feel as though I was informed as to what is going on in this world, but that will not happen. Reading the paper, news magazines and watching television media used to make me think I had a reasonable understanding, but I know now it was all a source of misinformation that let me sleep at night, falsely believing I had a fucking clue.

So far from what I have read, heard and scene regarding Osama makes me conclude a different, albeit, incomplete picture of the situation. Osama's compound was not a hide out surrounded by armed body guards. It was a luxury prison surrounded by high walls and barbed wire on top. The body guards were prison guards. They were there to protect Osama and keep the rest of the world from seeing or talking to him.

Osama had simply outlived his usefulness. The US could not allow him to continue attacks, but as a possible boogeyman, he provided a convenient argument to carry out missions. After ten years locked up, the image had dried up and he was now insignificant.

There is little doubt that the American industrial complex benefits from war and creating credible enemies is a large part of that economic model. With the economy struggling, to stop the wars would further cripple the economy as well as weaken America's military stature around the world.

The execution of Osama was done to raise tensions  in the Middle East and stoke the fires of war. Osama was simply played out as a boogeyman and now he has acted out his last scene in this tragic performance for which the cost of admission is too high for the average man.

In regards to the "birth certificate" and Donald Trump. This is so obviously a staged act. Donald Trump worked with propagandist within the government to put an end to the controversy. The timeline is just too rhythmic to be an actual search of discovery. Total BS. Trump for President? He's a fucking salesman. Can you hear, "lets make a deal"?
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