Obama needs to resign from Office

If Obama wants to help this country out then he would resign from office... after he gets rid of Biden ofcourse because we all know how much worse Biden would be as president.

He hasn't done any of the things he promised he'd have done by now which shows how empty his words really are.  It already shows how much we can actually trust him.  He obviously can't get things done and we need someone who has experince in politics besides a fucking speech they gave at the 2004 DNC, which is the only thing Obama has done for those who don't get that refference.

Why did people vote for someone who is as uterly incompetant as he is?  I heard many admit that the only reason they voted for Obama was for the sole purpose becasue they wanted to see a black president!  Ridiculous!  These people do not have America's best interest at heart!  So why don't we just do the logical thing and remove Obama and Biden from office and save us 3 years of shit?  God knows he wont be re-elected, he's already suffering extremely low approval ratings because the dems that voted for them are seeing their mistake!  The only people that still follow Obama are the morons who believe the shit that is spilling out of his lying mouth.

Uploaded 10/31/2009
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