Obama takes office soon. Oh great!

Obama takes office in a few days. I am really excited. Not really!

For now, Bush Jr holds the title of the worst President ever! I truly think Obamer will be ten times worse! What do you think?

When Bush took office gas was $1.46! Then HE drove prices through the roof! Up to over $3.00. What an ass hole! Bush owns a lot of oil stock, so it was in his benefit to do that!

This morning I was driving home from working the night shift, I noticed gas prices here in Orlando, were $1.78. Lets see what Obama does about that. I bet you a dollar; he wont bring the prices down! Actually, he will for the first month or two of his presidency, but after that, they will go back up. It happens every time a new President takes over! This time will be no different. He might even keep the prices low for a little longer, just to make himself look good!

I bet $50 that this douche bag will be even worse in a lot of ways than Bush Jr and Sr. BTW, I do accept Pay Pal! Just keep that in mind when you lose the bet! LOL.

Obama has a criminal record, NO EXPERIENCE and NO MILITARY BACKGROUND! What the hell is that dumb ass going to do if we have another 9-11? Ill tell you what he will do, he will panic and run to mommy for help (Figuratively speaking of course)!

So, to all the losers who voted and mad this idiot win, I hope you are happy! You just ruined America! Prepare for the worst!

They say the world is supposed to come to an end in the year 2012. This is why, because we will have this ass hole in office, leading us to the end of the world!

I am sorry, but that is they I feel about him and myself, being former military, I am not happy that we have someone who does not know anything about how to run the Army or how to run a war being Commander in Chief! That is not right! It should be a requirement that you have to of served at least Four years in the service before you are allowed to run for office at all! One other thing is he is a damn war protester! That means, he doesnt want us to get revenge on Bin Laden and the Taliban. With him in office, he will probably give up the search for bin Laden.

I truly think yall made a bad choice for President!

Uploaded 01/17/2009
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