Today, Obama messed up a couple times on the inauguration speech.

WTF! He messed up the wording on a few things. I think he did it on purpose! Was he trying to be cool or funny or something? What an ass hole!

If he makes a joke out of the inauguration speech, how will he be with everything else?

Maybe he did not do it on purpose; maybe he is Dyslexic, ADHD, or something else. Maybe even mentally retarded!

Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter! This is the first time he spoke to the country as president and he already fucked up! WTF! Now, we see how he is going to be as a president: A big fuck up!

As of now, Bush Jr holds the record as the worst president in history! It will not take long at this rate for that to change! Obama will take that title away from him so fast!

Anyway, I just hope you ass holes who voted for this shit head are happy now! He wont do anything good for this country. He wont fix the economy, lower gas prices, etc. He cant end the war in Iraq as quickly as he wanted to either.

He will raise our taxes and screw this country and the whole world so fast! If you voted for him, I hope you are happy!

How the hell can we trust this evil, worthless man named Obama?

Obama is a Criminal, druggie, idiot, not a good choice for President and it was a mistake to elect him. He might even be a pedophile to! He sure looks like one!


Uploaded 01/20/2009
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