Obamas latest attack on our 1st amendment, Fox News

The attacks on Fox News by the white house truly have me worried about the sanctity of our first amendment. There is a reason it is first, and that is because it is the most essential fiber of democracy in this or any society. The attack on fox news is not only an attack on the first amendment but it is also baseless. I'm sorry but in watching their news programming I have found nothing in their news hour that does anything less than any other in presenting both sides of an argument. The bias and republican talking heads are talk show hosts, THEY ARE NOT NEWS ANCHORS.

Translation its not their job to report the news its their job to talk and express their opinion. Several of them have opinions consistent with the Republican party and you know what that is just fine. If they want to go off of speculation to make accusations thats just fine too. If they are making up lies, then call them out with facts and prove because if they been proven to be liars their credibility is destroyed I guarantee you people will stop watching.

Second of all Obama, if you would like to review the constitution I'm pretty sure there's something in there called the first amendment. Color me crazy but I think it guarantees everyone the right to free speech. It doesn't matter what a person says so long as it doesn't present a clear and present danger (nat'l security, fire in a theatre etc) it is protected, even if it is hate speech being spewed by Fred Phelps. So Beck, Hannity, Coulter and whoever else can say whatever the hell they want, whenver they want, as long as people keep watching. By the way Obama you like presidential history tell me who was it again who last attempted mass censorship of the media, oh yea thats right Richard Nixon against the New York Times. How'd that work out for him vs. the paper hmm?


While I certainly disagree with many of the tactics and opinions raised by Fox News talk show hosts, I must say that if Obama wants to shut them up then maybe he should trie talking to them. Wouldn't it make more sense to go on the air and prove them to be liars than just sit and pout like a baby. All that does is make them seem even more correct.

Finally on an unrelated topic I must just say that it is really disgusting to me the way in which our first amendment has been needlesly attacked throughout the course of this presidency. If a man wants to make an anti-obama poster or t-shirt or whatever that is their right. I sure as heck remember plenty of Bush is Hitler paraphanalia floating around last term. Or to hear those pigs that he surrounds himself with claiming were unamerican if we don't support his policies is truly enough to make me want to throw up.

Obama there is a reason for our first amendment, it is to hold politicians accountable, and allow for free expression of all ideals. When the right to free speech is taken away that is not socialism, or communism, that is FACISM.


Go ahead wallboy prove me wrong.





Uploaded 10/21/2009
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