So, Tyaeda and MrsNekoJeans have been squabbling for months now. It's pretty funny, because MrsNeko is just a troll, who talks shit, and weaves ridiculous tales to try to get a rise out of people. Tyaeda on the other hand usually takes it seriously, becomes defensive, and feeds the troll. Then Frogslady and MrsNekoJeans started getting into it, Frogslady didn't comprehend what was going on, because she is naive, and instead of getting destroyed she decided to side with said troll, and they then began tag-teaming Tyaeda like a couple of lesbos on a double sided dildo. The blog community took sides, mostly naive people, homosexuals, and or trolls sided with Neko. The regulars and people who blog just to blog mostly sided with Tyaeda, and others just laughed at the stupidity and carried on. If you want Neko to go away, stop feeding the fucking troll, it's as simple as that. Don't comment on her inane blogs, and when she comments simply ignore it. Oh, and I use the term she vaguely... because I'm pretty sure that Neko has a small dick tucked under his fat stomach. Anywho, you kids need to stop being dipshits and blog, don't feed trolls, just fucking blog. Yes, I am a scientist. And yes my globe is full of booze. 
Uploaded 03/07/2011
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