Occupy Occupation.

"On a diffrent note, what is your
take on the Occupy Wall Street (and other
locations)? Interested in your view since
you're one of the Neighbors to the North (East
and South for me)." - joe_chemo2005.

Well, that's a first.  I don't think anyone's actually asked me what I thought about a particular topic.  It's probably because my point of view is often biased, and even misguided.  Never the less, I couldn't think of anything else to write about at the moment, so here it goes.

It's hard for me to focus on an opinion on a topic that has so many issues.  You can't believe what they tell you on the news, and I've never been to any of these protests to actually ask anyone why they're there.   So, I've been trying to compare what little I know about this "movement" with movements in the past.  Instead of picking out the fact that they don't have a unified cause or designated leader, like protests in history,  they do have some things in common that make me side with the protesters in a lot of ways (big surprise right?).

The number one factor to alienation is not having the means to conform to the "norm" or "ideal".   That tells me there's a problem.   It's not like some guy in the unemployment line suddenly decided to take up sign making and tent assembly as a hobby.   I'm sure the majority of the protesters would like to live uniformly with a system that takes care of them the same as they take care of it.    But, I also think that movements of any kind has less to do with the people involved than it has to do with how society interprets and reacts to it.  Hate to use this example, but women didn't receive their rights by refusing to make sammiches.  Unfortunately us vagina holders had to wait until the men of society saw the upside to gender equality.   We had to show that not only COULD we do their job, but that we NEEDED to do their jobs.  (You have war to thank for that).

Life will always be unfair, there will always be those who have been fucked by the system.   That much is true, and there's nothing anyone can do to insure any different.   On the other side, society does change, just as our needs do.   Regardless of how it happens, change will occur.  Society will look much different 20 years from now, than it does right now. 

In all honesty I really hope that there will be change on both ends.

I wish for more transparency AND more people who care to look.
More opportunity AND more people willing to put in the effort to achieve it.
Less Greed AND less Selfishness.
I'd like to see the responsible take responsibility AND people who learn from these lessons and take action to make sure history doesn't repeat it's self.

Uploaded 12/04/2011
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