Occupy Your Own Wallstreet

Have you reached a level of maturity in your existence to be able to admit that you dont know the answer to a question?  Or do you create an answer to that question with the fragmented memories that you may hold pertaining to the question, no matter how miniscule their relationship may be?
    We live in a society of people that never get called on the bullshit they spew.  This generation, arguably the worst generation, has been raised to be experts in their own minds.  This fabricated wisdom is not only brought forth in total fallacy but is reinforced by our parents, teachers, officials, and peers.  From the time we are little we are taught that it doesnt matter how you finish but only how hard you tried.  Even if youre a little punk with an attitude problem that doesnt participate or put forth any effort you will still get a gold star.  God forbid somebody felt left out. 
    The situations that used to judge your character as a human being no longer exist as they used to.  The situations that used to push you to greater limits are no longer applicable because the end result is always the same for everyone involved no matter what the context of their efforts dictated. 

    We are now in the era of the self entitled.  The generation of youth that no longer feel the need to go out and cut their own path through the world.  They would rather sit back and reap what others sow.  The blinding technology has created a group of people that are over informed and under educated.  The schools teach meaningless trivia of no substance or practical application.  The government endorses the de-education of the mass.  The general consensus is one of displeasure but nobody looks within themselves for the answers.  They look to their leaders that have no answers.  While you occupy wall street and make your noise the machine is still spinning and your efforts will soon turn to nothing more than trivia in a book.  If you want to enact change than why would you build a tent with garbage and sit there idly spewing meaningless chants? 
    If it is change that you seek than become better than the person above you.  Earn the privilege to make a difference.  It will not be handed to you.  It will not be easy.  You have looked to your leaders for solutions time and time again but are met with the same results.  Do you really think they will implement what you want?  What you want is to be on top.  Why would they give up their power just because you think its your turn?  If you want it than go get it.  Stop your wasted efforts and construct a meaningful existence for yourself.   The time for pandering to your leader is over.  The time to throw away childish things and make something of yourself is upon you.  Make your changes from the inside because from the outside they will never happen. 

Stop crying about it and do something about it. 
Uploaded 02/03/2012
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