Ode' to Joe Camel

I love the way it sits between my pale fingers. Smooth, soft, stimulating- perfect in all its imperfections. I stare at it..eyes full of lust, just one touch to my lips can't hurt, right?

It fits perfectly between my chapped lips, as it always has.  I let it roll from side to side, my tongue grazing its familiar, lushes tip. Salivating at the prospect of experiencing your powerful spell, one last time.

god, I fucking want you.

Just one little taste....that's all I need.  A small fix.  We have spent five long, hard years together how could I deny myself one last romp?

I want to feel you inside me. Feel the stress melt away as I let you fill me deeply.  To feel that quick tingle that runs down my spine right before my vision starts blurring. I want to search, quickly, for a strong object to catch me as the dizziness comes full force.

I've always wanted you, but I also want to live.

So I'll put you back with your friends, in that seductive cardboard case. I'll leave you sitting on the smudged glass table, next to the half empty carton of OJ.  But I cannot toss you to the curb. I need you, I need you know you are there for me, even if I can never have you again.

Uploaded 01/14/2011
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