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Well , it has been quite some time since I have been heard from around these parts.  I have gone through some serious writers block and once I had things to write about I was far to busy with work to find time to sit down and just write. Even as I am writing this I am being forced to pause often due to my working while I am writing.

I dont really know where to start. I guess I will start with the good.  I have a great job. I am a desk side support technician for IBM at Vistakon. This was possibly one of the best places to start into this career and I love it. I help support over 3000 users and I am gaining tons of real experience in the IT field.  Recently I was forced to move.  Some of you remember some of my past blogs I wrote about my renting from my father and his not taking care of anything in the house. Well the day came when it was just unsafe to live there because he refused to fix anything, my wife ended up in the hospital due to black mold exposure and we were out the next day.  The good of it is that my wife is in good health and a lot of stress has been removed from our lives. On the bad note, where we are now living, leaves me with an hour and a half commute to work each day.  So I get up at close to 4:00 in the morning each day, get to work by 7:30, get off from work at 5:00, and get home between 6:30 and 8:00. I do this every day with the exception on Saturday and Sunday.  It is a little rough and my gas expenditures have gone up quite a bit.  We are looking for a new place, something closer to where I work and I hope to be into a new place by the end of October. 

I turn 22 tomorrow, I already celebrated. Went to Miami and my wife got me a t-shirt of the Doppler Effect (if you dont know watch big bang theory).  Overall it was pretty good.

I had a thought a couple weeks back that I know for a fact was hilarious and it had something to do with Jesus on the cross and how religious retards are for lack of a better word, retarded.

Eye doctors are really whiney. They know w lot about eyes but are clinically retarded when it comes to everything else.

I have a good bit more but I really think that this is where I will leave off.  I have come to terms with the fact that our bar is gone.  We have tried to reconstruct, but one place in under managed and the other has forgotten about us.  I am still here though and a few others remain. I guess that is a good as it is going to get.

until next time my friends.

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